The new Silencioso-line by Par-Ky is a revolutionary high technological product. At the heart of the product one finds a robust and water resistant 12 mm HDF board. On this board, only the finest wood is glued. The wood is protected by no less than 8 layers of varnish. On the bottom of the plank, a 2 mm thick sheet of cork is applied, which results in perfect acoustic performances.

Next to the classic wood species, the emphasis with Silencioso by Par-Ky is on the more exclusive wood species.

Every plank measures 1,800 mm by 120 mm. The total thickness is 15 mm. Both the short and the long side are equipped with an elegant ‘micro bevel’, which is protected by the TAS (Total Aqua Seal). Under the HDF, a 2 mm thick layer of cork is glued. The modified Uniclic profile guarantees an immaculate installation and the Par-Ky varnishes guarantee protection against micro-scratches, static electricity and also provide the customer with an easy maintenance.